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The Biggest Upcoming Lottery

284,000,000 $

The Biggest Upcoming Lottery

262,000,000 $

We sell lottery tickets with random numbers. you can’t pick your numbers.

Pay attention: we are the only web site in the world that sends you the original lottery ticket to your mail

Mega Millions - The time remaining until the next draw

Power Ball - The time remaining until the next draw

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According to statistics from all over world most of the Grand Prize winnings and small winnings came from lottery tickets with random numbers .
Yes, of course all you need to do is buy the lottery ticket from our site and we will send you the original ticket by mail .
No you don't get an automatic email . The results are published in our website after every draw. The reason is (as opposed to all other sites) that we really buy a ticket and we can not check thousands of tickets.
Small amounts you will get the money to your paypal account . If you win the jackpot Our lawyer will collect the money with Less taxes and 5% Commission and then you will choose how to get the money